4 Techniques to Improve Mindfulness

Becoming more mindful of my surroundings has enhanced my life dramatically.

I feel grateful to have experienced greater blogging and business success through the habit of being mindful.

I have also become happier and healthier by mindfully centering myself in the present.

Being mindful helps you to be present for the richness of life. You will become more peaceful, relaxed, and loving if you persistently observe, embrace and release whatever the moment has to offer.

For me, improving my mindfulness was a necessity. I had trudged through so many financial struggles in addition to suffering from depression and a general listlessness which forced me to plod through a malaise.

By mindfully observing the fears I resisted for years I could better feel and release these energies to liberate myself from many of my deepest, darkest anxieties, terrors and overall sense of loss.

I have been able to fully experience my travels through places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand, being more in the moment in these tropical hot spots versus dwelling on the past or pondering the future, all through increased mindfulness.

Follow these 4 techniques to improve your mindfulness.

1: Meditate

Meditation is perhaps the ultimate mindfulness builder.

Few practices expand your awareness and develop your powers of concentration like sitting and observing.

Many types of meditation exist. I prefer following my breathing.

I simply find a quiet spot. I relax my body and mind. Then I focus on the inflow and outflow of air travelling through my nostrils. If a thought or feeling arises and I allow my attention to drift to the thought or feeling I note the object of my awareness. I then move my focus back to my breathing.

If you are new to meditating start sessions at 5 minutes on waking. Steadily add a few minutes each week to improve your mindfulness.

2: Slow Down

As I am writing these words I deliberately slowed down my thinking and actions.

I mindfully write and listen to one word at a time, improving my powers of observation and expanding my awareness.

This slowing down tip is my favourite technique for improving mindfulness because you can see more by just taking a deep breath, relaxing, and slowing down your physical activity.

I enjoy exercising slowly and working slowly because I see what is really happening in those moments of relaxed, delayed, deliberate activity.

Bonus Benefit; the more I slow down and calm down, the more I accomplish. Using this mindful technique helps me write 2-5 guest posts daily in addition to my other blogging activities.

3: Take Frequent Breaks from Your Work or Play Day

I take breaks from my blogging work day every 30 to 60 minutes to develop mindfulness.

Pulling back for 5 to 10 minutes helps me ground myself in the moment so I can mindfully observe whatever happens in the present.

Following this practice grew my blogging business quickly. By pulling back regularly I spotted how I allowed fearful feelings to dominate my entire blogging campaign for many years.

I began to see how doing things from a present, grounded energy of love and fun versus fear and tension helped me create valuable content and establish meaningful friendships with fellow bloggers.

I mindfully and genuinely wanted to serve other human beings through my blog. Doing so accelerated both my blogging traffic and income.

4: Study Spiritual Masters

I enjoy following the work of spiritual masters.

Said teachers preach mindfulness through their wisdom.

Whether I listen to insights from Pema Chodron or step back many centuries to follow the teachings of Christ or Buddha I am pulled back to the moment by learning from these bright souls.

Spend a few minutes daily reading the words of a spiritual master. Enlightened beings leave clues into how you can develop mindfulness.

Your Turn

How are you developing mindfulness?

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