Everything published by me (Milo Kinsey) on this blog is uncopyrighted. This means you are free to use it in any way you see fit. You can copy it, rewrite it, share it and no attribution is needed. I’ve had articles and blog posts used without permission before, and to be honest I take it as a compliment.

I am releasing the content on this blog, and any future content, into the public domain, and formally release my copyright. Guest posters may wish to keep the copyright to their own material, so please check prior to using anything published by ‘Guest Post’.

There is an increasing amount of regulation regarding the internet, and while I understand that there’s a natural evolution which will always ensue with any technology there are certain aspects which should be fundamentally retained, these being permissionless innovation, open access, and collaboration.

While I respect anyone who retains their own copyright, I feel this isn’t something I personally want to get embroiled in. Of course I would appreciate any credits should you choose to use material on this website, but this is not a requirement. Life is fluid and ever changing, we only rent this existence in space and time. Nothing is ever truly owned…