What Classes Should Be Taught In School?

There is a definitive shift in human consciousness that I personally feel happening all around me, I suppose this could be put down to natural evolution, technological advances, something more esoteric or a mixture of them all.

Whatever you put it down too, it’s happening so I have been thinking how this shift in consciousness could be accelerated on a large scale.

As our children will obviously be the beneficiaries of any global shifts in consciousness now, I wonder how education might be improved to run harmoniously with this new enlightened shift in global consciousness.

So I’ve compiled a list of 9 classes which I would LOVE to see taught in schools, and would have liked to have seen at my school as a child:

1. Positive Thinking Class

Without doubt one of THE most important lessons anyone can teach a child, is it in the curriculum, nope it isn’t. The cynical me questions why this isn’t touched upon during education, but I’m not here to be cynical, not today anyway.

Children are not taught what powerful beings they are, and how positive thought can make the difference between happiness and uncertainty. Imagine the confidence and creativity which would ooze from our children if this was a mandatory lesson in all schools! Imagine how the world could change in just one generation should it ever be introduced, it’s a wonderful ‘what if moment.

2. Real Economics Class

When I say real economics I mean teaching kids how to budget, save money, invest money and how to balance a cheque book. It’s all very well teaching kids about the fractional reserve banking system or about interest rates, inflation or fiscal policies. (yawnnnn sorry nearly fell asleep there), what kids really need, is to be taught how economics will relate to them when they go out into the world.

3. Meditation Class

We all have to deal with varying degrees of stress at certain times during our lives. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have learnt one of the best coping strategies for stress whilst at school? Children are natural contemplatives and learning meditation when young can also address issues children experience, like stress, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, hyperactivity, aggression, restlessness and sleeping problems, all while boosting the children’s self esteem

All is not lost, if you think meditation would benefit your child you can practice it at home with them. Guided group meditations are a great way to boost your child’s imagination, while creating a spiritual bond with them and the rest of the family.

4. Language Class (Early Years)

I know what you’re thinking, children are already taught languages at school, and yes you’d be right, they do. However, there’s a critical window as to when we start to teach children other languages, our ability to absorb linguistic information severely plummets after the age of about seven years old, and continues to decrease the older we get.

We’re much more responsive and able to learn languages as babies and young children, and before the age of seven is the optimum period to at least start teaching and exposing children to a second or third language. What better way to enhance your child’s cognitive development and increase their cultural awareness.

5. Environmental Class

With the current state of our ever changing environment wouldn’t it be wise to dedicate a whole subject to it? With the way in which we interact with the natural world around us at the moment, it’s increasingly important that we teach our children how to look after their only resource for continued life on this planet.

Isn’t this subject just as important as geography and mathematics?

6. Love and Compassion Class

We’re all born with natural compassion built into our systems, however as adults we’ve had much of it conditioned out of us. Children are naturally compassionate and would thrive in this subject and it would counteract the competitiveness which is the norm in schools these days.

You may also think love is natural so why would children need a class for this, well simply to affirm to children how important this aspect of their being is. As the saying goes, love really does make the world go round, and we need as much of the stuff as we can muster!

7. Parenting Class

So many people leave school and have children sooner or later in life, and when the day comes and that precious little bundle is placed into their arms, they have no clue as to how best to bring up a child.

Obviously each child is different and there is no set way to rear a child, also many methods of parenting are passed down from other family members, but there are basics which could be taught in schools which would give children a base knowledge.

8. Emotional Management Class

This is another biggie for me, too often in school children are told to curtail their emotions, act differently to how they’re actually feeling. If they get angry they are told this is inappropriate and should ‘control’ themselves.

This is BAD emotional management; emotions should be celebrated and discussed with children, yes even the negative ones. Children shouldn’t be shamed for feeling negative emotions, and a class dedicated to emotional health would be step in the right direction.

9. Tai Chi Class

How fantastic for a child to begin to get in touch with their emotional energy at such an early age. Tai Chi is an exercise and martial art which benefits the child while at the same time extinguishing the need for competition.

Children could learn about the relationship between their mind and body, mastering the fluid movements and posturing, while being allowed to go at their own pace. Tai Chi is really just a natural step on from free play, which children are very proficient in.


Of course many of the suggestions listed here are also the responsibility of parents to introduce, but bear in mind your children are at school for a significant amount of their waking day when you simply aren’t around.

I’m also not suggesting these classes should replace traditional learning, merely used to enhance the child’s holistic experience of learning.

So what classes would you include in your child’s school if you had the opportunity? Or what classes do you wish had been at your own school? I’d love to get your feedback!

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